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Get Your Future on Track with an Accredited Online Degree Program

Did you know that people with college degrees make an average of $17,500 more every year than those that don't even if they manage to get the same jobs? No matter what field you work in or what you aspire to be, investing in college means investing in your future, and you don't even have to visit a campus to take classes. Enrolling in an accredited online degree program can help you get your future on track without requiring you to relocate or even give up your current job, so that you can take classes.

What is an Online Degree Program?

Online College StudentAn online degree program is a college or university program that awards a final degree to those who take classes on the Internet. Web-based classes cover the same material as traditional classroom-based ones, but material is read independently and reviewed through study guides and message board posts rather than in a live format. Some online classes include instructional videos or recorded lectures, and most require students to complete papers and exams.

What Does Accredited Mean?

The term "accredited" means that a school has met the standards of one of the six regional Associations of Schools and Colleges located in the United States. An accredited online degree program is the best choice because it is being offered by a college or university that is well established and reputable. It also means that you'll qualify for federal and state financial aid programs to help you pay for college.

What are the Benefits of an Accredited Online Degree Program?

College DiplomaAn accredited online degree program will usually allow you to complete coursework at a time that is convenient for you. While you will have to meet deadlines for completing work, you can read course material, leave message board posts and do other tasks whenever is most convenient for you. This makes accredited online degree programs ideal for adults in the workforce, parents and people who live far from college campuses and don't wish to relocate. Many online degree programs don't require you to ever visit campus at all, giving you the freedom to enroll in a school that is well-known for excellence in a particular field, even if it's located across the country.

Types of Online Degree Programs

There are three main types of online degree programs:

Associate Degree programs, which usually require 2 years of full-time study and no previous college experience

Bachelor's Degree programs, which usually require 4 years of full-time study and no previous college experience

Graduate Degree programs like Master's and Doctorate programs; The time requirements for these degrees vary widely, but they all generally require a Bachelor's Degree for admission